Spare parts for MEYLE: synergy of driving

Spare parts for MEYLE: synergy of driving.

The modern car hardly have any systems that don’t depend on the work of electronic components. Every knot is literally stuffed with gauges and sensors —from the engine to the tires. While a sudden a breakdown of some gauges like ABS or the pressure/ air temperature tire sensor, doesn’t have serious consequences, the failure of the other parts can cause a denial of several systems or lead to the serious break. In the case of engine, it includes position, detonation, oil pressure sensors, etc.

spare parts for MEYLE

The engine rotational speed sensor can be considered a single one, whose failure certainly leads to the stopping of the engine. This sensor is cheap, yet it is invaluable in the work of engine. The company Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG offer new repair kit for the engine rotational speed sensor under the mark called MEYLE. The repair kit MEYLE consists of a sensor, the plug with the wires and zip ties, which allows you to change all related spare parts within a single repair.

The kits of the engine rotational speed sensor MEYLE can be used in more than 350 car models regardless of the original plug coding.