2015 Nissan Titan – Test Drive Review

There’s a new generation of the Nissan Titan coming out next year but before it hits the market, I’m taking one last spin in the old version. When the Titan came out back in 04 it was at the head of the pickup truck pack had a great ride and drive great look great powered performance. In the past 3 years or so though we’ve seen a new generation or. Am truck a new generation Chevy, a new generation Ford and now all these American trucks feel meteor and more sophisticated you might say than the current tightened. But the Nissan does still have some good things going for it especially if you need a big powerful V8 because that’s the only engine it comes with. The base engine is a huge 5.6 liter 317. It’s power V8 so even on the cheapest tighten you can tow up to 7400 pounds right out of the box.

2015 Nissan Titan

A couple of things I liked about my test truck where the utility track system, that puts these rails in the bed with sliding clue. Clap all your cargo down. It’s a great way to tie down bulky your we’re. Secured in the bed. I also like the fact that they figured out how to squeeze in this lockable storage bin behind the rear wheels. I liked the rear brake lights and HID headlights – http://theharshlightofday.com/nissan-titan/headlights.html. So if you’ve got tools or gloves or something you want to keep easy access to just toss them in this little band and you’re good to go is a work truck I love the Titan has a comfortable drive around town truck though I’m not as big a fan just because I’d like to see a nicer more up to date interior a less bouncy ride, and a more fuel efficient engine available the V8 is rated for just 13 miles per gallon in the city so unless you really need. Power for you. OB a smaller engine in this truck would be a nice choice. Pricing starts under $30000 for the base truck with a king cab and. My test truck with leather seats navigation and a whole bunch. Brenda up over 47000.